About Us - Our Water

Dowser Spring Water originates at Shawangunk Bulk Spring
in Pine Bush, NY.

Dowser’s dedicated Spring Water Tanker trucks transport the spring water to our bottling facility in Newburgh, NY. From here we distribute our water to homes and businesses throughout the Hudson Valley. 

The Shawangunk Spring is a protected site since 1987 located at the base of the Shawangunk RidgeContentImage_Shawangunk-Spring-in-Pine-Hurst-New-York-Image.png The Open Space Institute along with the NYS Parks system has preserved over 21,000 acres of land dedicated to being “Forever Wild.”  These are the protected lands bordering our spring site assuring Dowser’s purity for generations to come. 

In order to preserve the natural quality of Dowser Spring Water, we ozonate, UV and filter our water into our tankers.  Our water is once again filtered and ozonated before it enters our bottles.  Ozone, or O3 converts back to O2 (the air we breath) within a few hours from bottling.

Dowser Spring Water meets all applicable Federal and NY State health standards (NYS Dept of Health certificate #135).  In addition, we test our water daily by an outside water testing facility for quality and product protection.  Our bottles are placed in a holding area until our QC/NY State results are obtained.   

Did you know that Spring Water is the second most highly regulated food product in the US?

Only baby food is more highly regulated!

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